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The slot spending for this RealTime Gaming slot is also impressive, thanks to its free spin bonus, which earns 5,000 coins for the right combination. This is not difficult to achieve, and the jackpots seen above the reels are independent jackpots won at the end of any rotation, and the bet amount is independent of their ability to trigger. As for the bonus function, we were further impressed when the game introduced animation, because the feature was triggered and the free game was rewarded.


Caboose plays this role very well and can win you up to 200 times the bet, but will also see the bonus game start. This will see a train passing through the reel, giving you a free spin and multiplier. The goal is to see the train criss-cross all 3 rows as this will reward you with the most free spins, extra multipliers and extra wild symbols. During the win free spin, the other 3 chop symbols will include an additional 5 free games that can be reactivated multiple times to allow for some substantial wins.