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great stars

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The only building that breaks the landscape is the traditional pagoda, creating a very real feeling. Great Stars plays on 5 reels in a standard 5x3 configuration and offers up to 15 paylines. If you prefer, you can choose to play with fewer paylines and use the buttons at the bottom of the screen to make your selection.


There is no doubt that you have reached the Far East and there is a sense of distance and calm in the scene before your eyes.

green light

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Given that you can bet $5 per line, this means you can win a $50,000 victory at the Green Light slot machine casino. The driver symbol can also be doubled as a wild symbol and can replace any other symbol than the dispersion. When the winning combination is completed in this way, the driver symbol also doubles the payout.


The cars compete with each other and you will get a free spin depending on where you are in the game. Snatch the first place to reward you for 25 free spins, while the last place rewards only 5 free spins. Considering that all wins double during the free spin, you have the opportunity to earn a healthy profit at the Green Light slot machine casino.


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You need to decide to fold your hand and lose your bet, or double the bet by placing an extra bet.



If you call, the dealer will send two more cards to the board for a total of five cards. Calculating the best strategy for this game is very difficult because the best decision is based on a combination of all seven cards. Computers can make accurate calculations for the right game, but it's hard to make a general rule like blackjack.

halloween party

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Scrolls are icons traditionally related to Halloween. Including black cats, skulls, tombstones, witch's hats, and of course carved pumpkins!


Our Halloween Party Slot is a 5 reel, 20 payline slots with 2 Wild symbols and a gambling feature. After winning each time, you can receive bonuses or gambling to get double or quadruple bonuses!

hulu cock

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Grab a chance to win a huge bonus in this traditional casino betting game - Hulu Cock! Its base like a malay casino game but with wonderful favor and texture!



Highway Kings

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This is an interesting symbol arrangement in the middle of the paid list. The yellow truck ranks second on the list and returns 5,000 points. Green tracks and fuel can provide a reasonable victory of 1000 points if five appear on the Highway Kings Pro reel. The red truck is a wild symbol in the game, and the exhaust of the truck is used as a scatter symbol. When five reels appear, the scatter symbol is a reasonable sum of 100 points.



The wild symbol is very powerful because it helps to replace every other symbol on the reel. This can provide an important winning combination. More importantly, it has also doubled its success. Crucially, this wild symbol only appears on the middle three reels of the highway KingsPro. Scattered symbols are equally powerful because they can only appear on reels to create a specific order of winning combinations.


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One of the most interesting and dynamic parts of the gaming industry is mobile gaming. Icelandic casino players can choose from a variety of mobile games, which are often dominated by slot games. In addition, players can also choose to play blackjack, online poker, roulette and several table games. These and many other games only need to be swiped a few times on a mobile device to access them.


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