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The wild looks like a wild constellation. It can replace all basic symbols and provide the highest reward whenever possible. If you are lucky enough to hit at least three miners scatter anywhere in the field of view, you will activate a free spin mode and have the opportunity to re-trigger this mode again. Varna's treasure has a selection game, you have to choose a diamond to have a chance to win the grand prize. Of course, if you want to activate the game, you will have to land three dynamite jackpot symbols.



The Mythical Unicorn

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The low value symbol consists of more flowers. When 3, 4 or 5 reels on any payline stop, the bright blue return bonus equals 5, 12 or 20 times the bet per line. There is a purple flower symbol, a white and orange flower, and the top paying flowers are filled with each color of the rainbow, paying 8 times, 20 times or 35 times.


Forest Fairies reward bigger and better prizes, starting with green girls, worth up to 80 times the line bet, while red hair returns up to 90 times, blue-eyed fairies pay up to 100 times


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Small wins come from laurel crowns, silver coins and reels. When you stop on 3, 4 or 5 reels, each bonus pays 5 times, 25 times or 100 times the line bet. For the same combination, the value of the pillar, casket, lyre and shield is 10x, 40x or 150x, respectively, while the soldier's helmet, Greek warship and happy Pegasus will each return a value equal to 15x, 50x or 150x when landing the payline. Line shares.



Zeus leads the payment schedule and only needs to get 2x line bonus on the 1st and 2nd reels, and 3, 4 or 5 of this cheerful character pays 20 times, 50 times or 150 times respectively.

The TAJ Majestic

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Other special characters in the palace include non-paid wildlife depicting the Taj Mahal and precious brooch, a scatter plot. Five of them will be multiplied by the total number of shares x25. Rotate it to determine your large expenses.


The five main symbols of the odds table are the gold depictions of Mumtaz Mahal, elephants, tigers, peacocks and cobras. These will pay up to 25 to 15 points on the winning line. For the five combinations, a maximum of 5 credits can be obtained by periodically describing the same character. The card pictogram will pay no more than 2.50 credits.


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The decorative gold frame of the scroll completes this attractive picture. Once the gambler has placed a bet, stop and enjoy the view and see how many bonuses are waiting to be called.




Although the classic fruit machine symbols of BAR and 7 are the main signs, they are carefully designed, brightly coloured and have a slight 3D effect. In order to win in the normal game, the payline needs to be filled with 3 matching symbols, although the wild dragon works differently. Extend 3 lines horizontally from left to right and 2 lines horizontally from the left with a payline indicator to help the rotator view the position of each line.


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Observe the beautiful scattered sunsets on the first, second and third reels and get ten free spins and possibly collect another five during the meeting.



Collect three Jackpot treasure chests on the same first three reels and launch the Wheel of Fortune. When you rotate it, its gems accumulate to start any of the four jackpots. Collect yellow diamonds for grand prizes or collect green bonuses - for major jackpots. Purple and blue gems will contribute to the secondary and mini wins respectively.


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The AutoPlay option sets the reel to rotate between 10 and an unlimited number of games without any input from the player.



The basic victory range for the gold system symbol is 10, 20 or 200 coins. When 9 rolls from 3, 4 or 5 or so are stopped to A, the value of the same combination is 20, 60 or 400 coins. The gold bowl that looks so popular in Chinese-style slot machines will pay 30, 70 or 600 coins. Other unique picture icons are cock, turtle, panda and tiger, which is the highest standard icon worth 100, 200 or 2,000 coins.

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