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  • Age Of The God Furios 4

    In addition to using the Holy Angry 4 slot game, you actually have the chance to see all four gods appear on the screen, starting with 12 instead of 9 free spins. Not only can you get an extra free spin, it's usually 4 times, but in these extra free spins, you get a lot of features; either to expand the wildness, or to stick the wild, multiplier or extra symbols.

  • Time For A Deal

    Based on the classic TV quiz show, Time to a Deal looks like a great Playstation game, Buzz, with rich neon colors, solid hosts... and roaring and yelling . Big trading slot machines are basically five multiplier reels - arrange as many multipliers as possible and win a lot of cash rewards. However, when you land three gold coins during a special bonus period, you will receive a jackpot.