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Achilles's sound and graphics are very basic, similar to many other RTG slots, and the entire game depicts Trojan images across the entire background. There is an alternate icon (aka Wild), scattered, 2 free game bonus features and jackpots.

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Captain's Treasure

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Playtech has not announced the advantages of its games, but several established Playtech casinos have begun to release this information. On the CasinoMeister forum, Boyle Casino Manager confirmed that Playtech slot games could not be configured on the carrier side.

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Players can make a series of side bets. Bankers and dealers pay 11:1 for each, any pair provides 5:1, and perfect pairing is usually 25:1. Further winning options are available through big bets and small bets, as well as the rarely seen Egalite Extra, which pays up to 150:1 and can be utilized without any basic betting.

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