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God Of Storm

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Some characters can be popped up from time to time, giving the highest value. You may find female swordsmen, armor veterans, archers, or, if you are lucky, you can see the Kraken. Also pay attention to this ship. It counts as a wild card and it can appear on two, three and four reels.

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Great Blue

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The soft colors make the game look comfortable and artistic. You will also see cute fish and beautiful pearls as well as killer whales and sharks. The graphics look good, but they are not very complicated.

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Highway Kings

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Get a huge chance to win on the highway through a slot that celebrates the life of a truck driver. Players will have the opportunity to pick five numbers between 1 and 49 and draw five balls per rotation.

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Ice Cave

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It has a Nordic mythology because the symbols include Jarl (the son of God Ríg), Valkyrie (choose death and the people who live in battle), Fenrir (the ferocious wolf), Raven and Longship.

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