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Golden Tour

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The rolling hills and some players focus on the next hole. Graphics are very basic, but if you are just looking for a simple game with a golf theme, they will succeed. But time must grab your club and start the game. Let's see how we started the game in the next section.

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Great China

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The scrolls are set in the mountains, where the snow peaks stretch to where the eyes can see. In the foreground and in the distance, the dotted pagoda gives you no doubt exactly where you are, but you will not see a soul that disturbs peace.

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Great Star

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At that time, I only remember to imagine a scene in which there are more than two Spreisand ladies, even more than two, or five! What mess! Can we even stand on the power of the collective group of Barbra Streisands? I do not think so. So, is Babz the greatest star or five great stars who took her to this position and won her title? It remains to be seen.

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Great Blue

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The RTP is 94.3% and the jackpot is 10,000 coins. We can see why this is the case. The game itself is very easy and fun, but unfortunately it is very slow. It has some great features, while others are a bit lacking.

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Green Light

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This game is an old man, but a good thing, it only costs 0.01 coins to bet and will not cost too much. If you finish the first or second game, you will win in the second game, you can win an extra 100 free games to get the first place, and even 5 games can get the 5th.

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